Corporate Wellness

Could your team use some stress relief and support? The events of the past year have had a major impact on all our lives. 

Managing stress and prioritizing wellbeing is more important than ever.

While it might have been easy to dismiss wellbeing as simply a personal matter in the past, top leaders and managers who emphasize it will see significant returns.


Employees with high well-being are: 


  • more resilient during widespread or personal tough times

  • less likely to have unplanned days out of the office

  • have better performance than those with low wellbeing*



Simply, you can't afford not to.

And, it is easier to create a Wellbeing Strategy than you think.

Our basic workshop is only 60-90 min, depending on your needs.

All you have to do is get your team to show up, and I'll give them the top Wellbeing Hacks to increase strength, growth, collaboration & productivity.

(In-person or Zoom)

I've extended our 50% covid discounts: $1,250 for a group of 5-15 team members.


  • Wellbeing is no longer an individual matter, but an organizational one

  • But often, it isn't leaders' first priority

  • Wellbeing is more than work-life balance

  • It takes more than benefits & gyms: Every element of your corporate culture needs to promote your Well-being strategy.