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The last two years have challenged employers, employees, and society in extraordinary ways, pushing many of us to rethink every aspect of why, how, and where we work. Talent retention, motivation, engagement, development, and recruiting have taken massive hits. 

The game has shifted. 

How does the market perceive you as an employer? What’s your culture? And what’s the perception of your culture? 

Companies and Individuals find themselves in the midst of profound change and re-examination. What is the path forward to address and take advantage of these tectonic shifts? 


The key is to respond to employee needs and create more supportive workplace cultures. Visionary organizations understand that supporting employee growth, leadership development and wellbeing is a key business strategy that pays out huge dividends.


The future of Human Flourishing in our organizations is dependent upon the growth, leadership, vitality, health & wellbeing of each of its individuals.

Our "Personal Strategic Plan" is a Human Centered, authentic commitment to employee growth and wellbeing.

Our coworking office space in Bangalore are conceptualized keeping in mind the needs of yo

What do Flourishing Cultures look likE? 

An Organizational flourishing culture enables your team to:

  • utilize their signature strengths in their job roles

  • feel connected to and contribute to your company's mission

  • develop deep and meaningful relationships

  • Work / Life Integration

A new way of doing business is upon us. In 2022, employees will still expect hybrid work options, they will need more human connection, they will seek better work - life harmony and internal employee development is key. 


Now is the time. This is the perfect opportunity for leaders to reassess how you value, engage with, motivate and empower your associates. We believe, that to be successful in 2022 and in 2032, companies must re-commit to a truly HUMAN relationship with their team. 

Individual SUCCESS & WellBeing impacts the bottom line:

Happier and healthier associates are more engaged, have more energy, are more strategic, more resilient, less prone to burnout, and more passionate about their work. Ultimately it’s all about helping employees be their best.

PEOPLE-CENTERED teams are essential to success:

"Put the power in your people’s hands. When leaders create an environment of inclusion and belonging — and teams support one another and engage in healthy behaviors together — the benefits multiply, wellbeing habits “stick”, citizenship behavior improves and teams believe they are more effective.”

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the University of Southern California (USC) study, as seen in Forbes.



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10 Solutions to Organizational Human Flourishing


  1. Lead

  2. Self Assess - VIA Character strengths

  3. Respect & elevate others

  4. Be Well programs

  5. Recognize 

  6. Create Opportunity -Lateral moves

  7. Unify

  8. Consultative environment

  9. Reassess Norms

  10. Growth mindset

These corporate wellness components focus on foundational human kindness,

integrated with high expectations (and unconditional support) of sustainable success, both for the associate and entire company.


Our Principal Program

Coaching your team to Leadership 

We ask a lot of questions to assess what you're looking for and how you see your team evolving. When individual team members feel valued and are connected to the company and mission through meaningful work, they stay longer, are happier and their productivity soars. Their personal wellbeing builds and amplifies who they are, what they want and how they show up every day. 


Our coaching strategies:

  • adopting a growth mindset

  • consultative and clear communication

  • cultivating positive experiences

  • coping effectively with challenges and recruiting resources

  • pursuing meaningful goals

  • being mindful

  • connecting emotionally to people & mission

  • practicing optimism

           (recommended by 6 of the nations’ top Positive Psychology researchers /experts)


Our workshops are interactive, whether in person or zoom, have break out sessions & discussion, and an action based tool for individual team members to start making changes today. 


What we do:

1: Inquiry Stage: We bring your leaders together to discuss what's working, current overall challenges, review current Wellness benefits, & areas for improvement.  We capture your personal insight & feedback about current offerings and culture, which we use to customize workshops for your organization. 


2: Consulting Stage:

All of our programs leverage our Positive Psychology Coaching model, beginning with Experiential Learning In-person or live virtual workshops. We address your scalability and budget needs. 

We help create a Community of growth mindset people and wellness attainment within your organization, recruiting your key motivators to rally, check in and support everyone. 

We provide resources, and can teach some group classes in WholeBeing wellness, including, but not limited to meditation, yoga, professional development, work/ life integration, nutrition, sleep and personal and professional legacy creation and execution. 


We may use tools such as VIA Strengths assessment, Goal Mapping, 6 Foundations of Health worksheets, SPIRE* WellBeing worksheets, Best Self Exercises, priority time management, 0-5 scales for specific goals and other evidence-based practical solutions-focused tools.  


Within the consulting phase, your associates can participate in long term coaching, either group or 1 to 1 coaching to help them reach their personalized goals. 

3. Progress Review:

Our deliverables: We review the key outcomes of the program, delivering targeted and actionable steps that we created together, with the team's input, that move your company forward toward YOUR GOALS, such as increased clarity on their strengths, their value as a person, and as an employee, resulting in a better outcome for all. Increased employee retention, higher emotional commitments, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, increased wellbeing, associate advancement, brand engagement are some of the benefits you may experience. 

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