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Hello, I'm Sarah Hammond. My team and I are Executive Coaches, Leadership Development and Life Coaches, specializing in Positive Psychology- the science of how humans flourish. 

Our strategic and innovative "4 Step Leadership & Growth System" amplifies you and your team's Signature Strengths, enabling you to take charge of your goals, address this new way of living and working-  making sustainable and measurable progress.


If you're challenged, tired, frustrated or want to make a change, we can help. We help you build momentum by capitalizing on your past successes and create the future and team culture you want. 

We'll work together to tap into you and your power, your energy, and give you the tools and confidence make decisions, flourish and experience life satisfaction. 
















We have over 50 combined years of experience in connecting with people, strategizing and executing their goals. We specialize in:


  1. high level listening & group facilitation

  2. clarifying goals

  3. solutions-focused problem solving

  4. measurable and sustainable growth 

  5. removing obstacles and making lasting changes for greater happiness and success.


We can help you or your team make progress faster than you think.  

The last two years have challenged employers, employees, and society in extraordinary ways, pushing many of us to rethink every aspect of why, how, and where we work. Talent retention, motivation, engagement, development, and recruiting have taken massive hits.

How does the market perceive you as an employer? What’s your culture? And what’s the perception of your culture? 

The game has shifted…Companies and Individuals find themselves in the midst of profound change and re-examination. What is the path forward to address and take advantage of these tectonic shifts? 


The key is a PEOPLE CENTERED CULTURE -  to respond to employee needs and create more supportive workplace cultures. Visionary organizations understand that supporting employee growth, leadership development and wellbeing is a key business strategy that pays out huge dividends.

  • Our 4 Step Leadership & Growth system clarifies and amplifies your strengths.

  • Solutions that fit your time and budget. 

What changes can we work on together? 

During your 30-60 min. free consult, we'll get to know each other and create a plan. 

We see clients in our comfortable and bright office on Milwaukee's Eastside, through Zoom or your offices.

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"I walked away from each session with a clearer understanding of how to set goals, achieve results, and maintain a healthy lifestyle... Sarah definitely helped me create a more focused and healthy way of life."
- Real Estate Professional

"Sarah provided immeasurable guidance during a tumultuous professional period. Collaborative, adaptive, and genuine, her approach creates that essential space for reflection and goal setting."
- Operations Manager

"Sarah has a wealth of knowledge to share.  She really hones in on your strengths and your areas of opportunity.  I feel empowered to take back my life, my body and my future!   Thanks for helping me realize my potential."
- Accountant