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Hello, I'm Sarah Hammond and my team and I love what we do.

Our coaching practice is rooted in the science of Positive Psychology and the CHEK Institute's systematic approach to health and wellbeing. With this rigorous research and years of experience, we can help you and your associates make progress more quickly than you might expect.  

I have managed several areas of international and national business in marketing and sales in fast- paced environments, including American Express Publishing, Quad Graphics and Milwaukee Magazine in NYC, Chicago and Milwaukee.

We see clients in our comfortable and bright office in the Downer Shopping area in Milwaukee's Eastside, through Zoom or in your offices.


  • We can help you and your team navigate this dynamic and often extremely challenging post-covid flux period by using both innovative and evidence-based approaches.

  • We look at your responsibilities, goals and culture through an updated lense, making meaningful change toward you and your team's professional goals by building individual empowerment, wellbeing and accountability. 

  • We work together to make lasting changes for greater happiness and success, breaking through limiting beliefs & outdated systems.

  • We help you & your team stay motivated even during your most frustrating times.

  • What changes can we work on together? Let's talk it over in person, phone or zoom. 


We work together to adopt a Growth Mindset. We believe your wellbeing and success comes largely from your psychological attitude and approach. (As humans, we can easily get stuck in a fixed mindset, and can be held back by our outdated systems, old stories, lack of confidence, or self-compassion.)

We get it. We've been there. 

We are trained to help you identify and break those old dominant stories. You quickly make progress on where you want to go. ​

During your free consult, we'll get to know each other and begin to get moving.




About Me

About Me

I am often referred to as an optimist, rooted in practicality. Every day is a chance to take a fresh approach and continue to evolve as a human.

I believe that the natural human condition is based on an innate yearning for building and expanding, rather than a fixed intelligence and wisdom. With tools and practice, we tap into this growth mindset, (the new psychology of success*), and empower ourselves in a greater capacity and often accomplish more than we thought possible. 

We learn to fulfill our potential.

I lead a healthy lifestyle, and love to be outside whenever possible, hiking, biking, going to the beach with my family and dog, skiing, swimming & teaching yoga. I've completed over 46 triathlons, including the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon with my parents and husband. I am continually rehabbing my body, and completed the Devil's Lake Triathlon on September 19, 2021.

However, I am most proud of my amazing 4 children, who impress and inspire me every day.

In addition, my international experience as a NYC & Chicago based marketing executive andTravel & Leisure Magazine sales manager, as well as the magazine and health/fitness worlds in Milwaukee, along with raising 4 children, (17-23 yrs), give me a unique insight into humans. 

So, we can make progress faster than you think.

"Sarah provided immeasurable guidance during a tumultuous professional period. Collaborative, adaptive, and genuine, her approach creates that essential space for reflection and goal setting. What’s more, Sarah also helped me get back on track with my running program and health goals—no small feat alongside our primary work. Whether you’re searching for significant change in how you view happiness, help with your fitness goals, or if you’re just looking for a perspective reset, Sarah is there for you."

- Former Operations Manager, Milwaukee, WI

"Sarah has a wealth of knowledge to share.  She really hones in on your strengths and your areas of opportunity.  I feel empowered to take back my life, my body and my future!  Positive psychology is really effective.  Thanks for helping me realize my potential."

- MM, Shorewood, WI


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“Happiness grows...from involvement in valued activities and progress toward one's goals. ”
― Tal Ben-Shahar


OFFICE: I see clients in my comfortable office in the Downer Shopping District on Milwaukee's Eastside.

Downer Ave, Milwaukee, WI