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Hello, I'm Sarah Hammond, and I love what I do.

My coaching practice is rooted in the science of Positive Psychology and the CHEK Institute's systematic approach to health and wellbeing. With this rigorous research and years of experience, I can help you and/or your associates make progress faster than you might think.  

  • My team and I use innovative and evidence-based approaches to help navigate this dynamic and often challenging time.  

  • We look at you and/or your team's responsibilities, goals and culture through an updated lense, making meaningful change toward your personal and/or professional goals by building individual empowerment, developing wellbeing, along with support and accountability. 

  • We work together to adopt a Growth Mindset. We believe wellbeing and success largely emanate from your psychological attitude and approach.


We get it. We've been there.

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About Me

More about Sarah

Sarah is a people expert and is uniquely positioned to deliver results as a certified positive psychology coach, (Wholebeing Institute) and holistic lifestyle coach, (CHEK Institute). She worked in the international / national marketing, magazine and travel industries in NYC, Chicago & Milwaukee, requiring expertise in connecting with and relating to people in a highly competitive environment.

Sarah is often referred to as an extreme optimist, rooted in practicality. Her passion and legacy is to help others be the best version of themselves, building strength from the inside out, so they can positively impact those around them, doing their part to make the world a better place. Every day is a chance to take a fresh approach, adopt new habits and continue to evolve as a human.

She believes that the natural human condition is based in an innate yearning for building and expanding, rather than a fixed intelligence. Progress is an intrinsic human trait. By utilizing the best of Eastern and Western tools and practices, she taps into this growth mindset, (the new psychology of success*), and empowers people to increase their capacity to accomplish more than they thought was possible. 

She leads a healthy lifestyle, and loves to be outside whenever possible...hiking, biking, going to the beach with her family and dog, skiing, swimming, playing tennis, golf & teaching yoga. She completed her 47 triathlon at Devil's Lake in September 2021. Other feats include the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon and NYC marathon. 

She has coached over 40 groups & teams and thousands of individuals since 2003, collaborating with companies, health clubs, yoga studios, nonprofits and schools. 

She also has 4 incredible children, (18-23 yrs), which truly gives her a unique insight into humans. 

“Happiness grows...from involvement in valued activities and progress toward one's goals. ” Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, Psychology & Organizational Behavior, Harvard, (Taught the most popular course at Harvard)


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