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Do you want more?


We specialize in Positive Psychology, the science of human flourishing.

We are human-based life, executive & leadership coaches who believe in people's intrinsic ability to not only succeed, thrive and be happy, but truly flourish.


With awareness, crystal clear goals, and with 100% accountability and support from us, our clients - both individuals and teams - reach exponential growth.


We create Workplace and Organizational workshops to build and enhance vibrant, supportive and innovative cultures. Our life coaching and organizational workshops are research-backed, evidence-based and facilitated by knowledgeable and engaging coaches.





Our trademarked "Personal Strategic Plan" amplifies you and your team's Signature Strengths, increasing your energy, your efficiency, clarifying your personal legacy AND your group's mission.

What changes can we work on together? 

During your 30-60 min. free consult, we'll get to know each other and create a plan.​

We see clients in our comfortable and bright office on Milwaukee's Eastside, Zoom or in your offices.

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