What's keeping you from the life you deserve?

Hello, I'm Sarah Hammond and I love what I do.

My coaching practice is rooted in the science of Positive Psychology and the CHEK Institute's systematic approach to health and wellbeing. I am uniquely qualified to help you clarify, navigate and successfully achieve your life and health goals.

  • I'm on a mission to empower you to reach your dreams

  • With support & accountability, you can make progress faster than you think

  • We start with a manageable success plan

  • We cut out time and energy zappers

  • We break through limiting beliefs 

  • I help you stay motivated even during your most challenging times

  • We focus on what is truly important to you by getting crystal clear on your goals


We adopt a Growth Mindset. I believe your wellbeing and success is primarily your psychological attitude and approach. Your strategy doesn't matter without a growth mindset. Most people are held back by their old stories, lack of confidence, or self-compassion. I get it. I've been there. 

I am trained to help you identify and break those old dominant stories. You quickly make progress on where you want to go. ​


During your free 60-minute consult, we'll get to know each other and begin to look at where you want to go.




About Me

About Me

I am often referred to as an optimist, rooted in practicality. Every day is a chance to take a fresh approach and continue to evolve as a human.

I believe that the natural human condition is based on an innate yearning for building and expanding, rather than a fixed intelligence and wisdom. With tools and practice, we tap into this growth mindset, (the new psychology of success*), and empower ourselves in a greater capacity and often accomplish more than we thought possible. 

We learn to fulfill our potential.

I lead a healthy lifestyle, and love to be outside whenever possible, hiking, biking, going to the beach with my family and dog, skiing, swimming & teaching yoga. I've completed over 46 triathlons, including the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon with my parents and husband. I am continually rehabbing my body, and have entered the Devil's Lake Triathlon in Sept. 2021! 

However, I am most proud of my amazing 4 children, who impress and inspire me every day.

In addition, my international experience as a NYC & Chicago based marketing executive andTravel & Leisure Magazine sales manager, as well as the magazine and health/fitness worlds in Milwaukee, along with raising 4 children, (17-23 yrs), give me a unique insight into humans. 

So, we can make progress faster than you think.


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We can reach your goals faster than you might think. 

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“Happiness grows...from involvement in valued activities and progress toward one's goals. ”
― Tal Ben-Shahar